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Dan Rodgers
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A Texas chemical company has developed a molecular cement dissolver, Back-Set, as an alternative to acid for removing hardened concrete from tools, trucks, and other equipment. It uses an active ingredient found in sugar cane syrup. The product is not hazardous to equipment or workers, does not harm paint or produce fumes, and is biodegradable. The effects of sugar on concrete have been known for many years. In some parts of the world sugar is commonly used to retard the set of mortar and other cementious products. An article from as far back as the December, 1957 issue of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION said, "Sugar affects both fresh and hardened concrete. Dry sugar has no effect on hardened concrete, but sugar solutions can be very corrosive." The article goes on to describe how hardened surfaces can help guard against these effects in candy factories and other susceptible areas.

Meanwhile, a creative and perseverant chemist has turned this vulnerability into an opportunity to safely remove hardened concrete from a variety of surfaces that are otherwise difficult to clean. Craig Anderson, Vice President of RoMix Chemical, in Colleyville, Texas, and one of the chemists who developed Back-Set, says it works by breaking down the ionic bond in Portland cement, releasing the cement from any surface to which it has adhered. Chemically speaking, it essentially converts the positive ions in the hardened matrix into negative ions and dissolves the cement into a mud that can be rinsed away.

Application and use are relatively simple. First, the hardened concrete is saturated with Back-Set, either with a brush or by spraying. After about 15 minutes, the area is again saturated with the chemical. The concrete typically begins to soften in about 20 to 30 minutes, at which point it should be rinsed off with water. Repeat applications can be used to remove thicker buildups. Anderson says it has been a bit tricky perfecting the formulation, which the company has been working on for about a year. Now that the product is commercially available, he emphasizes, it is very important to use it undiluted. Because it works chemically, rather than mechanically, Back-Set may be used to remove cured concrete, mortar, grout, and stucco from virtually any surface without harm.

As with the company's other products, Back-Set is supplied in 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon tote tanks. It is also available in bulk. More information on this product is available from RoMix Chemical, 800-331-2243 or

---- Tom Klemens


New cement dissolver a sugar cane by-product

The concrete industry has the potential to exploit sugar cane by-products. Currently, Back-Set, a molecular cement dissolver made from a sugar cane derivative, is the top selling product of Texan RoMix.

Dan Rodgers, National Sales Manager of RoMix, told BUSINESS AUTHORITY his company uses 50,000 gallons of the cane extract every month and suggested there were other functions for sugar cane by-products in the industry. He said adding fibrous material to concrete to increase its strentgh was a practice in the industry and suggested the use of cane fibre in this process should be investigated.  Rodgers was in the island last week to launch three of his company's products at the invitation of local RoMix distributors WISCO, Inc. The three products, Back-Set, Rust-Gone and RO-396, were introduced to Barbadian construction companies at the Amaryllis Beach Resort in Hastings, Christ Church. Rodgers told the companies they had an opportunity to save time, money and the environment using the RoMix range of of industry cleaning solutions, which were not made with corrosive, harmful chemicals.Managing Director of WISCO, Dale Bruske, said his company was focused on safety and environmental solutions, and on getting Barbadian people and companies to embrace environmentally friendly products.



RoMix's Back-Set dissolves concrete products safely in equipment cleanup
April 2004 issue                       Product News

RoMix Chemical of Euless, Texas is offering Back-Set Molecular Cement Dissolver as an alternative to acid for removing hardened concrete, mortar, grout and stucco from virtually any surface.

It is used to remove concrete and its products from trucks, steel or aluminum forms, hand tools, screed machines, curb machines, concrete saws, aluminum tankers, masonry equipment, shotcrete equipment, pump trucks, concrete buggies, power trowels, and surfaces in plants and on jobsites.

Back-Set is formulated with a proprietary acid-alternative, along with foaming agents and unique detergents, to affect the ionic bond in hardened concrete and cement. That ionic bond is a chemical link between two atoms caused by the electrostatic force between oppositely charged ions in an ionic compound.

Craig Anderson, one of the chemists who developed Back-Set and vice president of RoMix Chemical, said Back-Set works at this molecular level.

"The ionic exchange shifts the equilibrium in the portland glue system," Anderson said. "This causes a shift from a solid bond phase of hydrated cement to an ionic diffusion of rinsable mud.

"As the ionic exchange takes place, the hardened concrete and cement loses its molecular bond and releases from the surface it which it has adhered."

It can then be rinsed away with water.

Back-Set uses an active ingredient in sugar cane syrup. It is not hazardous to workers, equipment or paint. It does not produce fumes, and it is biodegradable.

Back-Set, which must be applied undiluted, is supplied in 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon tote tanks. It is also available in bulk.

For more information, call 800-331-2243, e-mail or see RoMix Chemical & Brush.



Romix Rust-Guard bonds to metal to stop corrosion
December 2006 issue                       Product News

Rust-Guard from Romix was designed specifically to stop corrosion on ready mix trucks and equipment. It forms an invisible protective film that protects metal from damage due to moisture and contaminates by blocking the naturally occurring flow of ions. Without ion flow, corrosion stops.

The Rust-Guard anti-corrosion pre-treatment provides an invisible molecular film or a moisture-resistant film, that polar bonds (a chemical bonding process) to the metal surface, blocking the corrosion process. Because it penetrates the smaller cavities to resist moisture and prevent rust, it cannot crack or peel off. The polar bonding makes it cling like a magnet, so it won't wash off either.

The molecular film monolayer is non-toxic, harmless to paint and safe for cars and trucks, forms and equipment.

For already rusted surfaces or preparing a surface for repainting, Romix markets Rust-Gone, a one-step, time-delay, foam-on biodegradable concrete remover, protectant and anti-corrosion treatment. It does not require a neutralizer or third step wax, and spokesmen say it has a generous rate of concrete removal.

Rust Gone provides environmentally conscious chemistry for the worker, the workplace and the environment. This biodegradable formulation is also non-corrosive to metals.

LIKE Rust Guard, Rust Gone forms an invisible barrier that stops the corrosion process. It leaves a protective wax that aids in repelling concrete, dirt, oil, diesel soot and road film.

Rust-Gone should be used whenever preparing a raw metal surface for repainting or removing rust. Rust-Gone prevents rust spot break- thru or re-rusting.

For more information, call 800-331-2243, e-mail or see RoMix Chemical & Brush.