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New Products - Newly developed, ecological and environmentally safe & New concept products
» New Products
MegaOil 360 Form Oil Sprayer
Product ID MegaOil360
The MegaOil 360 Form Oil Sprayer is designed to be used with RO-396 form release agent. This air operated spray system is all you need to properly spray your forms. Comes with everything needed to install on a tote or wall mount (pick up tube, spray system, 40" wand hose, metal wand with mist tip).
Ultra-Guard Protectant Quart Spray Bottle & 1 Gallon Refill Kit
Product ID Ultra-Guard-Kit
ULTRA-GUARD Protectant is designed to protect and beautify Rubber, Vinyl, Leather, Wood and Plastic. Hides smears and helps protect against ordinary wear, stains and water spills. Cleans, shines, and polishes... All in one easy step!

Includes 1 Quart Spray Bottle with Sprayer and 1 Gallon of ULTRA-GUARD Protectant for Refilling the Spray Bottle.
Mega 360 Air Foamer Push Button Timed Unit
Product ID Mega360PushButton
This unit functions exactly like our regular Mega #360 Foamer but allows the customer to spec a pre set run time for the spray system. Example: If unit is set to run for 2 minutes then once the push button is pressed the unit will run for the specified time of 2 minutes then turn off.

This timer can be adjusted to customers specified time allowance for truck cleaning.
Mega 360 H2O Injection Air Foam Sprayer
Mega 360 H2O Injection Air Foam Sprayer is our air operated spray dispenser with water dilution. This unit can handle pre-diluted or straight product. Designed to be used with RoMix's Bulk Tank or Tote Tank systems, but can be adapted to drum(s). This unit works great with Back-Set Platinum, Rust-Gone, and Rust-Gone #100.


Please Note - Pricing does not apply to outside of the United States for dealers


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