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These are some of our most popular products, take a look!
Back-Set & Back-Set Platinum
BACK-SET & BACK-SET PLATINUM are acid alternatives with no fumes or odors. This safe but effective alternative is a newly developed concept in chemistry.
Concrete Removing Detergents and Truck Washes
High performance, bio tech detergent concentrated truck and pump washes.
Construction Chemicals
Releasing Agents, Curing Compounds and Sealers, Curing and Hardening Compounds, Admixtures-Cement/ Mortar/Block, Concrete Removing Detergents, Concrete Specialty Cleaner, Storage Rust Preventative, Precast, Tilt-Wall, Concrete Pipe, Stone Works, Molds
Brushes, Handles & Brooms
Specialty brushes designed for strong chemicals. Fleet Wash Brushes, Truck Wash Brushes, Car Wash Brushes, Tanker Brushes, Floor Brushes. #3036 Brush Heads, Chute Brushes, Brooms & Finisher Brushes, Handles & Repair Tips
Anti-Stick Agents & Waxes
Ready to use, easy to apply Anti-Stick Agents and Waxes
Liquid Soaps & Neutralizers
Ultra concentrated and heavy duty neutralizers and fleet soaps.
Safety Equipment & Accessories
Safety Glasses, Work Gloves, Respirators, Drivers First Aid Kits, Rain Wear, Hoses, Nozzles, Scrappers, Paddles
Specialty Products
High quality detergents, degreasers, protectants, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, releasing agents, solvents.
Dispensers, Sprayers and Foamers
Drum Mounted Dilutors, Spray Dispensers, Spray Units
Hoses & Nozzles
Heavy Duty black water hoses strong enough to hold the highest pressure on the hottest days and plastic insulated nozzles or chrome plated pistol-grip nozzles.
Romix Exclusive Soaps and Detergents
Biodegradable, Anti-Corrosion Detergents
Powder Truck Detergents
Soaps with highly concentrated foaming action.
Form Release Agents
Concrete Form Release Agents, Precast Release Agents
Fleet Cleaners
Bulk Transport Cleaners, Fleet Soaps, Truck Brushes, Aluminum Cleaners, Aluminum Brightners
Aluminum Cleaners
Designed to clean and polish in one-step. Makes short work of tough jobs. No Scrub Product. Excellent on aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel surfaces. Polished Aluminum Cleaners & Satin/Dull Finish Cleaners
Asphalt Industry Products
Asphalt Release Agents, Asphalt Dissolvers, Asphalt Removers, Asphalt Cleaners, Asphalt Truck Bed Sprayers, Asphalt Release Agent Applicators
New Products
New Products - Newly developed, ecological and environmentally safe & New concept products!
Specials & Featured Products
The Specials & Featured Products Area Includes Special Offers, Featured Products and Sale Items.